About CBL Business Lawyers

The law firm model adopted by CBL Business Lawyers is one that allows our lawyers to service the firm’s client base in a manner that cannot be matched by the traditional and archaic way in which many legal practices attempt to meet the needs of their clients.  We recognize the needs and expectations of our clients and focus on meeting those needs and exceeding those expectations.


Our advanced technology and file management systems allow us to provide prompt, innovative and efficient legal advice and representation not only from our firm’s central base in the Melbourne CBD but also by providing legal services in our practice areas via a virtual law firm model which also gives us the ability to place our lawyers as temporary in-house lawyers in the offices of our clients.  We promote professional affiliations with accounting firms, insolvency practitioners and other lawyers.

If you are interested in dealing with a legal practice that does not conform to the traditional law firm model contact CBL Business Lawyers to see how we service clients in the modern business world in an effective and innovative manner.