Working With Accounting Firms

Lawyers and accountants often need each other in order to provide a comprehensive service to their respective clients. Law firms cannot provide accounting advice and accounting practices cannot provide legal advice. At CBL Business Lawyers we are always interested in affiliations with accounting firms which share our practice values and client service principles.

As a legal practice at the forefront of change in the legal industry CBL’s practice management systems and paperless practice allows us to service your practice and your clients in a unique manner. The virtual law firm model facilitated by the technology that we employ allows us to not only provide services at a lower rate but also to provide in house legal services to your firm and to your clients. The lawyers at CBL will have complete access to all of your clients' files stored on our servers, but whilst we are at your office or at the offices of your clients.


If your accounting practice engages lawyers to work together with you to service your clients or to assist your clients directly with their legal requirements then contact us. CBL can become the legal team within your accounting practice.

  • Debt Recovery – if you require a reliable law firm to which to refer your clients to recover outstanding debts.
  • Litigation and Disputes - we can act directly for your clients in litigious matters and in relation to any disputes.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – we can work together with you to resolve your clients’ disputes in a commercial manner and without recourse to litigation.
  • Commercial Advice and Business Solutions – if your clients need combined accounting and legal advice to provide a complete service.
  • Contracts and Agreements – we can draft the necessary documentation acting either for your firm or acting directly for your clients.
  • Commercial Transactions – working together with you to provide the outcomes desired by your clients in their commercial transactions, acquisitions and sales.
  • In house lawyers – if it would be more convenient for your practice for us to become your legal team and to meet with your clients at your offices.