Virtual Law Firm

The law firm model adopted by CBL Business Lawyers places the firm at the forefront of change in the legal industry. It is not just change for the sake of change. It is change that has been inspired by the need for lawyers to adapt to requirements and demands of the modern business world.

A virtual law office enables CBL to offer the very best quality of legal services to its clients but at rates that are substantially lower than those of traditional law firms. This is made possible as our technology allows us to dispense with the main overheads of running a legal practice, but without compromising on the quality of the service that we provide. We are not ‘cut price’ lawyers - there is just no need for us to charge the same rates as traditional law firms.

326x116_officeCBL does have an office in the legal precinct of the Melbourne CBD. It is a small office space no larger than the office of a single partner in most traditional law firms. As a paperless legal practice we would be able to employ many, many lawyers from this space. The lawyers are able to work as in house lawyers for their clients or from any other location. This allows us to pass on substantial savings to our clients and gives flexibility to our lawyers. Please contact us if you have any queries about the benefits we can offer to your business.

If a lawyer moves to CBL with their existing clients then we negotiate a new rate at which the services of that lawyer will be provided to those clients. If a client makes the move to CBL without their existing lawyer then we negotiate a rate at which a comparable CBL lawyer can provide services to the client. The rate could be anywhere between 10percent and 30percent lower than the rate you are currently being charged. The higher the rate of your current lawyer the greater percentage reduction we can offer your business.

If you run a virtual law firm or other virtual business, at CBL we are interested to hear about your experience and the benefits you have found to flow from the virtual model.  Please feel free to leave a comment.