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– Interstate and Regional Lawyers

CBL Business Lawyers is located in the heart of the legal precinct of the Melbourne CBD and is perfectly positioned to act as town agent for its colleagues.  At CBL we provide lawyer agency services to many interstate and regional lawyers.

We provide Litigation Agency Services and Town Agent Lawyer Services in the Magistrates CourtCounty CourtSupreme Court, and also in the Melbourne registries of the Federal Circuit Court and Federal Court of Australia.

Choose your fee model for Town Agent Services, with hourly rates of less than $200.00 per hour for the 'full detail retainer', or choose between varying retainer levels including 'premium', 'deluxe' and 'express'

At CBL we can act as your town agent in providing you with litigation agency services in Melbourne, promptly file necessary Court documents online, provide you with substantive legal advice where required and otherwise advise you on processes and procedures within the Victorian jurisdiction.

We value our relationships with the many interstate practitioners for whom we act, and we are always interested in forging new relationships.  If your client is commencing or defending proceedings in any of the Victorian Courts then contact us.  We would be pleased to provide at no charge the initial template documents that you will require for standard proceedings in these Courts, including as appropriate:

  • For the County Court or Supreme Court a Writ and Statement of Claim if commencing proceedings, or a Notice of Appearance (or Conditional Notice of Appearance, if appropriate) and Notice of Defence (or Notice of Defence and Counterclaim, if appropriate) if intending to defend proceedings; 
  • For the Magistrates Court, a Complaint and Statement of Claim if commencing proceedings, or a template Notice of Defence if intending to defend proceedings; and
  • Overarching Obligations and Proper Basis Certifications for all proceedings in Victorian Courts.

The template documents provided at no charge are tailored to the particular online filing requirements of the Courts, and to the recommended format for noting your firm as the principal lawyers acting in the proceeding and our firm as acting as your town agent.

We can also provide you with fixed fees for certain stages of, and advice that you may require in, the proceeding.  For example, fixed rates are available for general advice on what should be the first consideration for interstate firms when acting for a Defendant; that is, whether there is any merit to your client making application to have the Victorian proceeding struck out, stayed or transferred back to your State.  After receipt of such advice you may consider it appropriate to make application to stay the proceeding under the Service and Execution of Process Act (Magistrates Court and County Court), transfer the proceeding under the Jurisdiction of Courts (Cross-Vesting) Act (Supreme Court) or strike out the strike out the proceeding for want of jurisdiction.

Please visit the following pages for further details of our legal agency services and all services that we provide to law firms:



326x116_law_3Legal Referral Service

CBL also offers a legal referral service which allows us to forward enquiries that we receive in areas of law in which we do not practice to interested firms which do practice in those areas.  Each time CBL receives an enquiry in an area of law you have chosen we will forward that enquiry to you and to other firms registered in that field of law.  There is currently no fee for the service and there is no obligation to respond to any enquiry that you receive.  It is just a way for us to send enquiries received in areas in which we do not practice to interested colleagues.

326x116_onlineLegal Advice Online

As a separate initiative to our legal referral service CBL in gauging the interest of the public and of law firms in an online portal which will allow the general public to ask legal questions online, for law firms to provide legal advice online and where necessary for the potential clients and the lawyers to then deal with one another direct.  If you are a member of the public or a law firm that may be interested in this initiative then there are further details on our legal advice online page