Current Opportunities for Lawyers

If you are a lawyer interested in a work life balance and a unique model of remunerating you for your services then CBL is the firm for you.


The roles currently on offer at CBL Business Lawyers are:

Commercial Lawyer

A commercial lawyer with a broad range of experience including experience in shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, unit holder agreements, company constitutions, deeds of trust, contracts of sale of business, share sale agreements and leases.

The successful applicant will be able to run all files independently. The position is available to applicants without existing client bases and to applicants with existing client bases who would also have the ability to take on new work from CBL’s constantly expanding client base.

Other Positions

The flexible career options offered at CBL and the manner in which we remunerate our staff allows CBL to engage lawyers with existing client basis in all areas of law in which we practice. This is regardless of whether the firm currently has the client demand that would otherwise justify engaging new lawyers in those areas.

If you are interested in a position please first read about our flexible career options, what we require of our staff and remuneration for lawyers below, and then contact us at

Flexible Career Options

At CBL we offer flexible career options. The technology that we employ and our virtual law firm allows our lawyers to work from home and where necessary by providing in-house legal services at the offices of our clients.

Successful applicants are engaged by CBL as consultants and predominantly work off site, with remote access to support services at the CBL office. We have done the figures and consider that the model of remuneration that we offer works for both CBL and for our lawyers when billings exceed $200,000.00 each year. This is the target - there are no other minimum billing requirements and there are no minimum or maximum hours of work.

The work life balance at CBL is entirely up to our lawyers. A lawyer can usually continue working the hours that they were working at another firm but make more money, or they can work less hours but earn the same income.

The lawyers that we engage must promptly and professionally service their clients to the CBL standard but the engagement is otherwise flexible.

What We Require of our Staff

At CBL we engage talented, intelligent and team orientated staff comfortable working with the technology that we employ in our daily practice. CBL is a paperless legal practice, or at least as close to paperless as a law firm can be in today’s legal environment. Our lawyers must be comfortable working without hardcopy files and must be committed to excellence in servicing clients.

At CBL we take pride in our employees and consultants and this reflects in the manner in which our staff members perform their roles and the reputation of the firm in the legal industry and in the public.

Remuneration for Lawyers

If you read about how virtual law offices lower the costs you will see that our advanced technology and practice management systems enable CBL to offer the very best quality of legal services to its clients at rates that are 10percent to 30percent lower than those of traditional law firms. We pass a lot of the savings from the unique way in which we do business onto our clients, but a part of the savings are allocated to ensure that we retain the best lawyers by being able to pay those lawyers a greater percentage of the income that they generate for the firm.

If you work at a traditional law firm then unless you are an equity partner you are likely paid around one third of what you invoice to your clients - one third for the overheads, one third for the partners and one third for you. At CBL our lawyers are engaged as consultants and are currently all offered remuneration on the same basis.

Quite simply, for income that you derive for the firm up to $200,000.00 per annum you receive one third of that income and you receive two thirds of all income over that amount. The savings generated by our virtual law office along with when we pay our lawyers are the reasons we can offer to pay what we do. Our lawyers are paid their percentage of income when we are paid by the client - so we work together to avoid any bad debts and to ensure prompt payment.

It is a part of our business model that savings are passed on to our clients. Lawyers moving to CBL are therefore encouraged to drop their rates by anywhere between 10percent and 30percent. The higher your current rate the greater percentage reduction we can offer to any of your clients who also make the move.

Our remuneration policy and allocation of savings has been structured in a way that will allow your clients to save money and which will allow you the flexibility to work less or to increase your income.