The Inception of CBL Business Lawyers

After over a decade working as a lawyer and partner in firms that adopted the traditional law firm model the now managing director of CBL Business Lawyers made a decision to break free from the traditional and archaic manner in which most legal practices conduct their businesses.

“After becoming a partner of a traditional law firm I implemented many changes and modernized systems, processes and procedures. It only then became clear to me implementing change within the traditional law firm model was not enough to give clients what they deserve from a professional service provider in today’s marketplace.

There are many lawyers who recognize and understand the needs of clients and who share similar frustrations to those that I experienced with the manner in which traditional law firms conduct business and deal with clients. However, there are few legal practices that provide the innovative lawyer with the resources, technology and freedom to adapt and to meet the ever developing requirements of the modern business world.

What was needed in the legal industry was a revolution in the way that lawyers provide their services and a re-invention of the very foundations upon which legal practices are based. CBL Business Lawyers was conceived from a vision to pioneer an innovative legal practice focused on aligning itself with the requirements of clients in the modern business world.

Nicholas Corr, managing director


The inception of CBL resulted from increasing frustration with the inefficiencies that are caused by the very models and principles on which most law firms historically base their practices. It was recognized that traditional law firms which lack flexibility and display an inability to adapt create unnecessary management requirements, costs and overheads for the firm – more importantly, this also inhibits the ability of such firms to service clients at reasonable rates and in a manner and to a standard that the marketplace justifiably expects in the modern business world. CBL was established to offer businesses a different type of legal service. Contact us if you would like to know more or read about our history here.