In House Business Lawyers

There are few professions where it is still expected that the clients or customers will need to take time out of their busy and hectic schedules to attend meetings at the offices of their suppliers. The legal industry is one of those few professions. At CBL Business Lawyers we believe that it is time for a change.

We have the technology that allows our team to be ‘in the office’ whether they are actually in the office, whether they are at your offices or whether our lawyers are at any other location. You can read more about the costs savings that are passed on to clients of Virtual Law Offices here.

Unlike most law firms with bulky paper based files our clients’ files are paperless. This allows us to operate a system where we can access and work on the exact same file in the exact same way regardless of location. This is not simply via sending emails and communicating via our smartphones or by accessing Windows folders.  It is complete access to our practice management system including every document, email, letter, file note and precedent relevant to the files held for your business.


Through the use of technology CBL can offer services to our clients that most lawyers cannot offer and can provide those services in a unique manner. Before working on site at your offices there are a few technical specifications that our IT providers or your IT department need to confirm. This is usually a simple process to ensure that server settings permit outgoing connections from your office to the practice management systems and files stored on our servers.

The in house services offered by CBL are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business. An in house lawyer can be provided for an extended period of time or for regular visits every week, every month or every quarter. An in house lawyer can also be provided for a one off requirement or matter where it will increase our productivity and decrease you down time for a lawyer to be working on site at your offices.

If you are in need of in house business lawyers contact us to discuss CBL becoming the legal department of your business enterprise.