Working With Trustees and Liquidators

Insolvency practitioners often require the assistance of lawyers in order to comply with their obligations to creditors and to protect their own interests as administrators, trustees and liquidators.   CBL Business Lawyers is always interested in affiliations with insolvency practitioners and firms which share our practice values and commitment.

As a law firm at the forefront of change in the legal industry CBL’s practice management systems and paperless practice also allows us to provide services to insolvency practitioners in a unique manner. Our technology allows us to provide in house lawyers and to have complete access to all of your files stored on our servers, but whilst we are at your office.


If you are a trustee or liquidator wanting to engage a law firm to assist your practice in debt recovery or litigation then contact us. CBL can become the litigation and debt recovery team for your insolvency practice.

  • Unfair preferences including demands for payment or the commencement of debt recovery proceedings.
  • Voidable Transactions that you seek to pursue including appropriate demands and litigation.
  • Removal Proceedings where an application has been made to remove a trustee or liquidator and applications for resignation and retirement.
  • And other areas where you require a lawyer to act for your practice to enforce the rights and interests an insolvent company, a bankrupt estate or your rights as administrator, liquidator or trustee.