Professional Affiliations

At CBL Business Lawyers we promote affiliations between professional service providers. We believe that cooperation between professionals who share similar practice values and client service principles should be promoted. We focus on professional affiliations with:


  • Accounting Firms who require a reliable law firm to assist so as to be in a position to offer combined accounting and legal services to their clients.
  • Insolvency Practitioners in need of reliable lawyers who are able to assist with the legal requirements of their bankruptcy and liquidation files.
  • Law Firms via the provision of legal agency services to interstate and regional practitioners and through a legal referral service for enquiries we receive from the general public in the areas of law in which we do not practice. We are also currently gauging interest in an online legal advice portal.

If you are an accountant, liquidator, trustee or lawyer interested in an affiliation with CBL then contact us to explore the opportunity.