The CBL Advantage

CBL Business Lawyers is a modern law firm and is pioneering change in the legal industry. We provide innovative and practical legal solutions to clients in a manner that the modern business world justifiably expects that legal services ought to be provided.

If you want to send us files that are too large to email you can upload your files to our system.

If you need us to view and use your computer then you can allow remote access via this link.  This link will download an external TeamViewer .exe file.  Once downloaded click on the file and let us know the login and password.


326x116_justiceWe are able to provide the legal services to our clients in our areas of practice to a quality and standard that can surpass traditional law firms. We are able to work with accountants, insolvency practitioners and other lawyers within our professional affiliations in a unique manner. But this is just the start of what we have to offer. Our innovative ideas and initiatives along with our advanced technology and file management systems enable us to offer much more.

  • Virtual Law Offices – using technology to dispense with unnecessary and excessive overheads and facilitating quality legal services for our clients but with reduced charge out rates, along with allowing flexibility for our clients and lawyers.
  • In House Lawyers – made possible with advanced practice management systems and a paperless practice, allowing our lawyers to become a part of your legal team at your office with complete access to every document, email, letter, file note and precedent relevant to the files held for your business.
  • Social Media Feeds and online marketing to reflect our philosophy that lawyers ought to ‘move with the times’ and that clients and the general public should have access to information about the law and about our firm in the way that today’s society wants to receive that information.
  • A Legal Referral Service allowing us to forward enquiries that we receive in areas of law in which we do not practice to interested firms which do practice in those areas.
  • A Legal Advice Online service in the early stages of development in which we are gauging the interest of the public and of law firms in an online portal for the public to ask and lawyers to answer legal questions online.

If you are interested in the concepts and practice models which allow CBL to provide its unique service to its clients and about the move away from the traditional law firm model you can read more about CBL and about its business model, inception and history.