Commercial Transactions

At CBL Business Lawyers we really like helping our clients to ‘do deals’. Many of the business enterprises that we work with share our entrepreneurial philosophy. They are constantly buying and selling and striving for new ways to improve their business processes and procedures and to develop and succeed.

If your company or business is involved in or considering any type of commercial transaction, acquisition or sale then at CBL we can become your legal team to assist you when needed in all aspects of the transaction from start to finish. The measure of success of our business at CBL is the extent to which we are able to assist our clients’ business enterprises to succeed in their businesses and commercial ventures. We strive to help you to finalise your deals promptly and efficiently so that you can then get on with business.


We are able to streamline the process of assisting our clients with their commercial transactions by providing in house lawyers. This streamlines the advice process by having direct access to any documents related to the commercial transaction. The technology and practice management systems that we employ allows our lawyers simultaneous access to your complete files stored on our servers, but whilst we are at your office.

If you would like to work with lawyers in your commercial transactions who provide services in a unique manner and in a way that most lawyers cannot offer to provide those services then contact us at CBL. These are just some of the areas in which we can assist.

  • Acquisition and Sale Transactions if you need advice regarding a proposed acquisition or sale or commercial deal, or if you need assistance in negotiating or finalising the deal.
  • Customer Transactions where you want to enter into any type of new transaction with your customers or clients, or if you would like to vary an existing arrangement.
  • Supplier Transactions for the customers and clients who want to negotiate deals and achieve results in transactions or arrangements with existing or new suppliers.
  • And General Legal Advice if you just want to talk to a lawyer about the legal aspects of commercial transactions or your business ideas and objectives.

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