Terms and Conditions – Legal Referral Service Registration

By submitting this application for registration I consent, acknowledge and agree as follows:

  1. I am authorised to apply for registration to be a part of CBL’s legal referral service on behalf of the law firm named in the application for registration (the “applicant”).
  2. The area of law for each enquiry received by CBL is nominated by the person making the enquiry (the “potential client”) and CBL makes no warranty that the potential client will nominate the correct or appropriate area of law.
  3. CBL may forward any enquiries received via its legal referral service to the applicant where the area of law nominated by the potential client in an enquiry is an area of law that has been selected by the applicant in its application. CBL may contact the applicant in relation to legal referral service and regarding its legal advice online project.
  4. CBL makes no representation or warranty that any or all enquiries will be forwarded to the applicant or as to the timeframe within which any enquiry may be forwarded to the applicant.
  5. CBL makes no representation or warranty that its legal referral service will be available or continue to be available, whether on the current terms and conditions or at all, for any particular period of time. CBL may cancel the applicant’s registration on the legal referral service at its absolute discretion without notice and at any time.
  6. The applicant has not been retained by a potential client unless or until the applicant accepts a direct retainer from a potential client. CBL is not associated with or a part of the applicant’s firm and takes no responsibility for any legal advice provided by the applicant to any potential client in response to any enquiry or at any time in the future.